About Us

Collision Reconstruction Services and Crime Scene Forensic Services


We specialize in motor vehicle collision reconstruction.  We can help you with scene documentation, speed analysis, lamp and seat belt examinations as well as forensic photography.  We also offer training in collision reconstruction familiarization, crime scene processing, and forensic photography.

How We Help


Most scene evidence is perishable.  It will fade away rapidly as traffic resumes on the highway.

We are available for scene response to assist with obtaining the best information available.

Photographs and measurements of the entire scene as well as first hand analysis of the roadway evidence before it fades away.



Courses offered in Collision Reconstruction Familiarization as well as Crime Scene Processing.  Past experience in training includes the New York State Police Academy, New York State Park Police Academy, adjunct at the State university of New York at Canton in the subjects of Collision Reconstruction and Forensic Photography.