AllWright Forensics


Collision Reconstruction

Motor vehicle collisions happen everyday.  Most people believe they know what happened when they see or hear about a wreck.  We can help prove what happened by collecting and analyzing the evidence from the collision to support your case in court.  this includes the very important speed analysis and time/distance studies.

Lamp Exams

Was the signal light on or off? Did the operator step on the brakes prior to impact?  We can identify and photograph the specific evidence created during impact.

Seatbelt examination

When the seatbelt is properly used through a collision sequence certain evidence will be created.  We can document and photograph that evidence to support your case.

Vehicle Examination

We offer an analysis of the vehicle damage profile to determine consistency with the collision sequence description.   Our Certified Master Mechanic is experienced in the forensic examination and analysis of the vehicle mechanics as it relates to the collision, including brakes and steering components. 

Scene Analysis and Documentation

 We are able to respond to the scene to document the actual highway profile including tire mark evidence, roadway defects etc. 


 See our training page for information relative to specific classes in Collision Reconstruction and Crime Scene Processing